Chaos in the Republican Party

Chaos in the Republican Party. McCarthy might have been able to get to 218 Republican votes continually — he might have been able to do it once, but he could not do it with continual success.
The Freedom Caucus, a 40 vote block threw this into a mess. While they could not win with their candidate they had enough to be a spoiler. 

McCarthy still has the most votes, and could still win if he twisted enough arms, but his comment about the Benghazi Committee is just too new and raw.

It is an outside chance, but an outsider could win — and they don’t have to be a House Member. I have seen Newt mentioned, but I would like a name NO ONE has mentioned: Romney!

He is an organization man. He can negotiate with the Members, the Senate and the president with a background of success — and he has wide support from most in the Republican Party!

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