Chaos Is More Than A Theory!

The chaos in the Republican Party House leadership is very obvious, but I think the press is vastly overacting about it. Wait until the dust settles.
It is clear that the Conservative group decided to flex its muscle, earned through two consecutive elections that gave them some steroid — but which the the establishment had previously ignored. 

So they blew up the House Leadership! Constructive destruction?

That scenario is being played out in other venues. The San Diego Chargers have threatened to move to LA, but the NFL may not let them, so the Chargers, spurned by their hot new love may have to return home and hope for forgiveness. The Red Bull Racing Team in Formula One racing won everything for years with a Renault engine that is suddenly underpowered, and the team first sought Mercedes engines, then Ferrari, and spurned by both may have to return to Renault and beg forgiveness.

The Freedom Caucus does not have sufficient vThis is funny, but it is 100% TRUE!otes to elect a member of their caucus — but they want to be heard. They are being heard now, because they can hold the conference in neutral — and while that leaves Boehner in control, Boehner is stripped of his power because he is a Lame Duck. His promises have no future value.

It is a thankless job, and pretty much ends presidential ambition. The last Speaker who became president was one of my family members, James K. Polk in 1840. It is a position where you only make enemies! Boehner just could no longer stand the heat. 

A moderate will eventually take the helm, but that moderate will have to acknowledge that the Freedom Caucus is a legitimate force, with members who have conservative concerns. It is possible that the Freedom Caucus could draw new members now that they have demonstrated strength. 

It is as if the “Establishment” forces in the House did not see the past two elections, so the Freedom Caucus shouted “Can you hear me NOW?”

Yes, they can! But they may have to return to the man the spurned 

Sometimes you don’t know how well you have it until you lose it.

It’s cold out there!

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