Grading On The Curve

Here are my grades:
Hillary A+: (She successfully executed a Prevent Defense tonight. She worked “not to lose” and


Jim Webb A: the only one who was not “me too” on the panel. He had to fight for a mike, but he succeeded and was the “only adult in the room” he has been there, done that! Annapolis grad, Vietnam Hero (Navy Cross, Silver Star), Senator, Secretary of the Navy, Pulitzer Prize Journalist, author….

Bernie Sanders: B he refused to challenge Hillary on e-mails. I am reminded of Winston Churchill’s opinion: ” Liberalism has its own history and its own tradition. Socialism has its own formulas and its own aims. Socialism seeks to pull down wealth; Liberalism seeks to raise up poverty. [Loud cheers.] Socialism would destroy private interests; Liberalism would preserve private interests in the only way in which they can be safely and justly preserved, namely, by reconciling them with public right. [Cheers.] Socialism would kill enterprise; Liberalism would rescue enterprise from the trammels of privilege and preference. [Cheers.] Socialism assails the pre-eminence of the individual; Liberalism seeks, and shall seek more in the future, to build up a minimum standard for the mass. [Cheers.] Socialism exalts the rule; Liberalism exalts the man. Socialism attacks capital; Liberalism attacks monopoly. [Cheers.] These are the great distinctions which I draw, and which, I think, you will think I am right in drawing at this election between our philosophies and our ideals. Don’t think that Liberalism is a faith that is played out; that it is a philosophy to which there is no expanding future. As long as the world rolls round Liberalism will have its part to play – a grand, beneficent, and ameliorating part to play – in relation to men and States. [Cheers.]”

O’Malley: D — A cypher, but he makes up for it by being really, really dull. Former Mayor of Baltimore…’nuff said.

Lincoln Chafee: C – Lincoln came across as your crazy uncle. Lincoln is a nice guy, but he was just out of his league. One of the “always running for something because I have nothing to do” crowd.

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