The Sky “Could”Fall…

Just wonderful! There must have been a nationwide sale of tin foil at WalMarts!
Recently, UN Ambassador Susan Rice said the Syrian conflict is the result of “Climate Change” — and the US Academy of Science says that the sea rise could swallow Miami, Boston, and a kettle of other cities by 2100.

First, I seldom read any story with “Could” or “May” in the headline, since that is not reporting as I know it — it is guessing. Tarot Cards, Psychics, etc.
Now admittedly, “Scientists” are better educated, but as a retired Computer Scientist I have zero confidence in predictive computerists.


And that is why the predictive programs didn’t account for the NASA disclosure that there has been no warming for 19 years — the “Pause” as the scientists call it.

I will say that the scientists and computerists are getting smarter: Their predictions are now for generations hence. Those predictions once were for a decade or so, and when the predictions did not come to pass, laughter ensued. It is a safe bet that none of today’ members of the Academy of Science will still be alive in 2100. 

Of course all of the unfulfilled predictions will be proper fodder for books, and there will be lots of them. Y2K was a big event, but fortunately most of us didn’t believe the hype. 

Most Americans don’t believe the hype on Anthropological Global Warming, either. Perhaps if we see some predictions actually come true, and fewer of the “could” and “may” headlines….

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