Civilians Have No Clue About Classified Material

This nation should not have to rely upon the FBI to tell us that Hillary is unfit for president.
This nation should not have to rely upon Judicial Watch to tell us that Hillary is unfit for president.

This nation should not have to rely upon the Justice Department to tell us that Hillary is unfit for president.

If Joe Blow and Sally Smith had any concept of the need to keep classified material safe, Hillary would not even show in the presidential polls, but we are in a nation where a tiny percentage serve in the military, and fewer still in the Secret Service and the FBI, so putting highly classified material at risk is simply not in their knowledge base.

I refuse to believe they don’t care, but that is another possibility. I have to believe that those without military experience simply do not know of the hundreds, probably thousands alive today whose careers were ended, or cut short for less than what the Two Inspector Generals have already found to be the case with Hillary. The case of General Patraeus was just one of the more obvious news items. 

There is are several groups of citizens whose ire cannot be controlled — the FBI team that makes its report and the many, many members of the military, active and retired whose lives and careers have depended upon their knowledge of the importance of holding secrets close.

The Inspector Generals reports alone warrant an Independent Prosecutor. Even before the FBI Report becomes public, the White House will get a “heads up” and that may be what is keeping Biden dancing in the wings like a man desperately needing the Men’s Room!

But the cavalier attitude of Hillary supporters is troubling. Admittedly, Bernie Sanders is another troubling question for Democrats, and O’Malley is “neither fish nor foul nor lean red meat” and Jim Webb is a remnant of the day when Democrats had two wings to the party. 

(Actually, it appears they do have two wings — a Left wing and a Socialist Wing. That may be a distinction without a difference,)

Hillary KNOWS she messed up totally, but she discovered when she as on the investigating committee for Richard Nixon that unless your staff rats on you, a “limited hangout” can work. Bill Clinton tried it and came close himself — and would have made it but for a blue dress. It is a good strategy if your political life depends on it — and Hillary’s political life does.

(If she initiates a message with classified information it is up to HER to state the classification.

She did not mark her own e-mails, then she claims they were not marked!


So she rolled the dice. It’s a great bluff. Her supporters have no clue.

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