This nation should not have to rely upon the FBI, Judicial Watch, the Benghazi Committee or the Justice Department to tell us that Hillary is unfit for president. 

If Joe Blow and Sally Smith had any concept of the need to keep classified material safe, Hillary would not even show in the presidential polls, but we are in a nation where a tiny percentage serve in the military, and fewer still in the Secret Service and the FBI, so putting highly classified material at risk is simply not in their knowledge base. 

I refuse to believe they don’t care, although that is another possibility. I have to believe that those without military experience simply do not know of the hundreds, probably thousands, of people alive today whose careers were ended or cut short for far less than what the two Inspector Generals have already found to be the case with Hillary. The case of General Patraeus was just one of the more obvious data points.

There are several groups of citizens whose ire cannot be controlled — the FBI team that makes its report and the many, many members of the military, active and retired, whose lives and careers have depended on their knowledge of the importance of holding secrets close. 

The Inspector Generals’ reports alone warrant an Independent Prosecutor.  

But the cavalier attitude of Hillary supporters is troubling. 

(Hillary KNOWS she messed up totally. If she initiates a message with classified information, it is up to HER to state the classification. She failed to mark her own e-mails, then claimed they were not marked – as if it were the responsibility of someone else to mark them! Her problem is that Top Secret is Top Secret even if no one marks it!)

So she rolled the dice. It’s a great bluff. Her supporters have no clue. 

I watched most of the Benghazi Committee testimony of the former Secretary of State, and it had its moments but it was mostly fodder for those inside the beltway. 

The real meat is what the FBI finds in her e-mails. The average citizen’s lack of knowledge regarding classified material security is a political problem. All they really need to know is that Top Secret means information that could reasonably be expected to cause “exceptionally grave damage to national security.”


From the New York Times: “I. Charles McCullough III, the Inspector General for the intelligence community, found the two emails containing what he determined was “Top Secret” information in the course of reviewing a sampling of 40 of Mrs. Clinton’s work-related emails for potential security breaches.”

(New York Times, September 7, 2015, “Second Review Says Classified Information Was in Hillary Clinton’s Email”)

That the State Department and Hillary Clinton disagree is of little consequence – one would expect them to disagree – but the CIA knows what information is, or should be, Top Secret, and they clearly exposed the truth. 

The FBI is likely to find many more instances, but one such instance, already found, will ruin a military career and likely result in a Court Martial. 

It should also easily end a political career

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