Freedom of the Seas

Wonderful — China illegally builds “islands” by destroying ocean reefs (in violation of the United Nation Law of the Sea), and then illegally draws illegal lines claiming Sovereignty of 12 miles which cuts off huge chunks of the South China Sea to trade and free navigation passage for merchant shipping.
Then they strongly reject an American Destroyer which challenges it by sailing on the open ocean.

Freedom of the sea is what the US NAVY, protects, and has for a century. 

It did so yesterday.
China has a decent Navy, new weapons and it is capable of sinking a single Destroyer with ease — what it cannot do is deter the US Navy in a sea battle, and China knows that.

What we may have to do is escort commercial ships through the waters for months or years, otherwise the Chinese will claim territorial waters that sits out our allies like the Phillipines.

It’s good that we are pushing back, because it is all about oil, there is probably a lot of it in the claimed territorial waters and our allies want a place at the oil table without being completely boxed out.

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