California Education Remains Awful (2015 Results)

The good news is that the National Report Card of the US Department of Education has rearranged the presentation on their website to make it simple to compare states.
The bad news is that California is no better than it has been for the last decade and more — so bad that it is easier to list the state’s that are worse than the state’s that test higher.

The good news of the new presentation absolves me of downloading information into Excel, then sorting — the website has done that and so those unfamiliar with the vagaries of spreadsheets can read the results directly.

It’s the continuing bad news that makes me grimace! For example:

California Fourth Grade Readers were beaten out for the bottom spot only by New Mexico! (yes, that means we were behind Mississippi, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Alabama, etc.)

(Just for comparison sake, since we are often compared to Texas — they ranked 37)

California Eighth Grade Readers were beaten out for last spot by New Mexico, Mississippi and the District of Columbia.

(Texas stood 38th — again much higher, although not particularly good.)

So, let’s move to the other subject matter graded by the US Department of Education testing: Math

California Fourth Grade Math students beat out Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, the District of Columbia, New Mexico and Alabama for dead last.

(For comparison, Texas stood 11th.)

California Eighth Grade Students managed to defeat the following for last place — West Virginia, New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and the District of Columbia.

(Texas stood 23rd.)

I suppose that my previous Thank God for Mississippi must now be replaced with Thank God for New Mexico, the only state we beat regularly.

It should be noted that the highest we stand (2015 testing) in any grade and subject is 44th, there is one thing we stand very high in, and that is “Teacher Pay.”

We stand fourth highest in Teacher Pay.

Conclusion: We are not getting what we are paying for!

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