Psssst! Gun Violence is Way Down! (Seriously)

Some of my well-intentioned friends believe that gun violence is rising — but Pew Research Center recently (September 15, 2015) reported that, in fact, gun violence has gone down!
“The nation’s overall gun death rate has declined 30% since 1993. This total includes homicides and suicides, in addition to a smaller number of fatal police shootings, accidental shooting deaths and those of undetermined intent. ”

The same research shows that the public PERCEPTION is that gun violence has increased.

“Despite these trends, most U.S. adults think gun crimes have increased. In our 2013 survey, more than half (56%) of Americans said the number of gun crimes had gone up compared with 20 years ago. Another 26% said the number of gun crimes had remained the same, and just 12% said gun crimes had declined.”

To some people, their perception is their reality, and that seems to be driving the public discussion.

Facts do not appear to properly impact the discussion.

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