No Political Diversity in College Liberal Arts Departments

Campus Reform reports that 49 Liberal Arts Professors who donated to political campaigns in the third quarter, 49 donated to Democrat candidates, and only one donated to a Republican Candidate, according to data from the Federal Election Committee.
It is not a conspiracy, strangely. It is completely natural, which is not to say it is healthy.

It isn’t.

Those who want to “save the world” are drawn to professions where they can “make a difference” — media, universities, and the clergy — then they recruit like-minded friends. 

Not surprising, but “management” needs to guard against it — just as pedophiles are drawn to places where they can be near children — Scouts, Big Brother, Priesthood — and that also needs to be guarded against, but there is a recognition that this is a problem, and actually attempts are made to solve this problem.

Until political diversity is as recognized as a healthy alternative to Groupthink, nothing will change, and political elites do not currently recognize the problem. 

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