Winter(sic) Arrives in San Diego

Did we suddenly move to Texas?
In my teenage years I well recall “Blue Northers” — Arctic air the blows down through the Plains states and drops Texas temperatures 50 or 60 degrees in single-digit hours. (The Texas record is 44 degrees in an hour, but even that pales with 49 degrees in TWO MINUTES in South Dakota!)

We don’t have that sort of thing, but San Diego benefitted from an October that was almost eight degrees above normal, and that eight degrees was both daytime and nighttime temperatures — perfect for my Plumeria, and the reason we made four Lei’s in a single day last Friday.

Well that warmth came to an inglorious end, almost in the Blue Norther fashion. Our Hidden Meadows weather was a balmy 90 on the past Sunday, and the high today (Tuesday) was 68. Our old Soapstone stove has been pumping serious heat the past several nights. 

It may again be in the 80s by the end of the week, but this was a wake up call for sweaters.

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