The Future Approaches — Supernaturally

The CEO of Panera Bread has said publically what everyone knows intuitively — that they are actively automating to avoid the movement to higher Minimum Wage.” 
The central theme is that Democrats believe in Static Economics — that you can do whatever feels good and the victim will stand still for it. 

Republicans believe that victims will do whatever they can to reduce or avoid pain.

Human nature (and history) says the Republicans are correct. Automation where possible, or offshoring where necessary, but food delivery cannot be off shored, so automation is the answer.

It is all a matter of public acceptance, much like Autonomous Automobiles — Panera Bread (and Mercedes Benz) are slowly introducing the technology to an ever-accepting public.

There will be Luddite-style Union thuggery attempted to destroy the technology at some point, particularly if the introduction of the technology is too quick, or is introduced as a labor saving device.

Consequently, the CEO of Panera Bread couched his remarks as providing a better experience for customers, but he admitted under questioning that there was a cost of labor component.

On-line you can see suggestions that the labor-saving devices will be sabotaged. Unions will not take this sitting down..

The original Luddites could destroy looms in London with impunity, but the public has too much communications (like this) to permit union thuggery in today’s world. Too many cameras, too many alarms, too many private security, too much opposition to union thuggery. What worked in pre-industrial London, or even 1930s Union knee-breakers is something no longer supported by even a small segment of the population.

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