Ben Carson and West Point

Ben Carson admits he was not “offered a scholarship to West Point.”
Neither has anyone else been offered a scholarship to any Service Academy! There are no scholarships! 


Everyone who attends any Service Academy does so through multiple competitive exams. Each Congressman/Senator can have four people at each Service Academy at a time — usually one in each grade. Congressmen use special Civil Service exams to determine whom they will nominate to each of the three Academies each year. (They use competitive exams to ward off their friends who want their sons or daughters nominated.)

Each First Nominee is then given a complete physical, and if the First Nominee fails, then the Second Nominee is examined.

(About 10% of the entering class comes from Enlisted ranks, after a Competitive Exam and a year of Prep School.)

Then, the resulting nominee is given an Entry Exam to determine if they are likely to be able to finish four rigorous years, and if THAT works, the NOMINEE is given an APPOINTMENT.

Then they enter the Service Academy!

Graduating is an entirely different thing!

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