I have no idea if ISIS provided a bomb to blow up the Russia jetliner over Egypt, but…
Have you ever flown Aeroflot?

In Russia it is called Aeroflop — for a reason.

And yes I have flown on Aeroflot! I was an adrenaline junkie — race car driver, submariner, scuba diver, private pilot, mountain climber…but I have never been more apprehensive than flying on Aeroflot!

Let’s just say that aircraft maintenance is designed by aircraft manufacturers to be as nearly idiot proof as possible, and the planes themselves will continue to fly with all sorts of things gone wrong, but some countries test that theory and Russia is one of them. This particularly plane was a French-built, Russian maintained charter jet. I would not drive a Russian-maintained race car and it doesn’t have 30,000 feet to drop in case of a problem.

So, I am awaiting bomb residue. If Britain and the U.S. Say that a bomb was “most likely” then I suspect our electronic intercepts have shown that conclusively, but Russia and Egyptian intelligence services are not so sophisticated — and both Russia and Egypt have commercial reasons not to scare away tourists.

So we will have to await the “answer.

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