The a Tail is Wagging the Dog (Again!)

The Missouri University president resignation is terrible on one hand, and beneficial on the other.
It sets a terrible precedent, but it also shows that the football section is more powerful than the administration. This example could easily be replicated in many public universities over any number of issues. Private universities are more difficult.

In 1969 at the height of college student protests, I was sitting in the Notre Dame dining room for lunch with Father Hesburgh, the famous Notre Dame president (he was president from 1952 to 1987), when a student tentatively approached with paper in hand and said, “Excuse me Father Hesburgh, but I have a list of student demands.”

Father Hesburgh slowly put down his fork, fixed the student with an unmistakable glare, and said, “You see that I am eating. See me later!”

The student slunk away.

Father Hesburgh would have fired the Coach and revoked the scholarship of every protesting student at Missouri, and never missed a beat.

It’s a different time…with different players. And much more powerful, with Coaches making four or five times what the college president makes.

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