I Have Unserestimated #12 Navy!

The Bowl Selection Committee has a potential problem, as expressed by the fastest growing sports website, SB Nation: “Navy’s so good, it could force the College Football Playoff to delay its bowl lineup”
Wow! That’s pretty good, but when you realize that Navy rose in the Bowl Standings national from 24th to 12th today!

That puts Navy higher than TCU, Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Utah and many, many more.

“This is a really good team, as efficient as ever on offense, a bit more aggressive in its bend-don’t-break defense and dominant at field position and finishing drives. Having wrecked Memphis’ season, Navy will also have a chance of wrecking Houston’s on Black Friday.”

If they beat Houston, and Navy will be a favorite — which it was not two weeks ago — Navy COULD move into the Top 10. 

That would be very heady territory, and I actually doubt they are that good…but then I doubted Navy could beat 15th ranked Memphis, and I doubted Memphis could beat Ole Miss.

I have been underestimating Navy.

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