We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

The takeaway from the Paris bombing is their sophistication. I have read many books on breaking the German Enigma Code, and the Japanese military code, and it emphasizes the need to know what your enemy is doing, before they do it.
In many cases, we were blind — breaking the codes hours after we needed the information. The Paris attacks were coordinated, and that means communication unless they all came from the same mosque or university.

The French have a highly capable intelligence service, but this one escaped them. The bad guys only have to get lucky once.

The interesting part to me is that in response, the French closed their borders. Now the European Union is not supposed to have borders, but the fact that Hungary closed their borders to the “Syrian” refugees tells us that borders still exist.

It remains to be seen if the Paris attackers were radicalized Frenchmen, or from the refugee hoards. I suspect we will soon know.

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