Another Intelligence Failure?

Is it just my imagination, or is it our experience in the US that it is not the immigrants who sneak off to Syria to join ISIS, or, with the exception of the Boston Marathon Bombers, get arrested by the FBI for attempting to blow us up. 
It is the children of the Muslim immigrants. 

No system that vets immigrants does any look at their children. It can’t because many of those children are not yet radicalized. No one knows what’s in the minds of children — anyone who has ever raised teenagers can tell you that.

The Paris attack is a horse of another color. That appears to be a much more sophisticated and coordinated attack, something more likely from a sleeper cell awaiting the Syrian as the last piece in place to execute a well-organized attack. It is not easy to find eight men willing to commit suicide at one time, which is why most potential attacks are sole operations.

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