We Were Not Alone

Guess what? 
As humans, we were not alone. 

It turns out that our branch of humans mated with Neanderthals, so they were of the same species, and the Europeans have as much as 4% Neanderthal in their DNA!

While that may not blow your mind, but how about this: The Neanderthals were not alone in Central Asia. A very large humanoid species called the Denisovians lived there also, and mated with the Neanderthals. All that has been found of the Denisovians was a tooth and the bone of a pinkie finger, some 110,000 years old, found five years ago in a Kazakhstan cave. 

It appears that the Neanderthals went to Europe, while the Denisovians migrated to Southeast Asia, where they donated about 1% of the DNA to the aboriginal Australians.

The cave stays year-round right at freezing, and the preserved DNA shows that there is another mystery yet to be revealed — the Denisovians — who broke from the chain of Neanderthals 400,000 years ago, mated with a fourth still unknown member of the human species whose remains have never been found. 


(And when it is found, I doubt that Dr. Ben Carson will believe it!)