Morning Musings

The video of the White policeman (Officer VanDyke) of the Chicago Black who punctured a police car tire was long overdue. The video amply demonstrates the reason that the policeman was charged with First Degree Murder, and there is no rational reason for the charging to have taken more than a year.
The police officer who shot the prone Black (Laquan McDonald) 16 times was the ONLY policeman of the seven on-scene officers to discharge his weapon.

It was obvious on the video that the deceased was not a threat to any of the policemen. He was walking away when he was shot twice in the back. He still had the knife he used to puncture the police cruiser tire.

The law says that the policeman can use deadly force if he reasonably believes his life or the lives of others is in danger. Of course the law says “reasonably” and it is not even within the definition of “reason” that this policeman believed his life or anyone’s life was in danger.

The subject is now in the Courts. I suspect the policeman will take a plea if one is offered, and the case and the policeman will go away for 30 years or so, but I hope there is someone looking into why this case took so long to bring a charge. 

Something caused that police officer to snap — something that did not cause others to discharge their weapons. This was not a rookie mistake.

This was murder!


The president said this morning:

“right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland.” He later added: “In the event of a specific, credible threat, the public will be informed.”

The Paris attack had no credible threat, either. 

We don’t know what we don’t know, and what we do know is that there are not enough police to cover all the potential enemies we have already within our midst. No one is going to take out an ad, and our intelligence people have missed some REALLY big ones.


It’s the Silly Season on college campuses — as if every day is not. 

But the students seem to have caught a slightly different strain of insanity, and they seem a bit frustrated if we do not share the seriousness of their concerns. 

Living in the cocoon of academia one does not have a larger perspective than the campus, and those students are already living on someone else’s dime, either Daddy or the government. 

College administrators are a particularly craven bunch to begin with, and there are always currents influencing their actions — the Student Council, the professors, the football team, the Alumni…and sometimes one of those takes precedent over another. In this case, these recent cases, students and professors bring bad publicity and that brings a backlash from the alumni. 

The administration tries to mollify everyone, rather than taking a firm stand and saying, “Go back to class, or go home!”


The TrumpBots are an strange bunch — the are religious in their fervor and do not waver regardless of how stupid their candidate appears, how vain, and how wrong. 

Trump has some really good ideas, and some awful ones, but the TrumpBots applaud all equally and jump to his defense without discriminating. They form a Roman Square about him and act as pained as does Trump that anyone would question him.

Other more personable candidates would do well to poach some of Trump’s ideas.

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