Morning Musings

I have spent far too much time on Facebook recently, and, while most of those on my FB page are conservatives there is more than enough vitriol between conservatives about “The Donald.”Trump supporters remind me of a bumper sticker I saw “God said it, I believe it, and that ends it.”
Demonstrating errors just causes the True Believers to raise their Force Fields. They stick their fingers in their ears and shout “La-La-La-La…I can’t hear you.”

The opposite side of the same coin are Hillary supporters. True Believers. Obvious lies, and even actual release of classified material has no moe impact than Trumps lies, insults, and just being Trump, which alone should be disqualifying. 

Reading the TrumpBots, I have the feeling I am living in Rancho Santa Fe and belonged to Heavens Gate or Jonestown under Jim Jones.


Electing new management next year will only solve one of the problems.

The bureaucrats all live in the Washington area, and it is they who write the implementing regulations to make the Congress bills work — and they are nameless and faceless and unelected. They are generations deep.

The only hope is to move the Capitol to Ames, Iowa! 

Some bureaucrats will follow, but that will provide continuity, while the new hires will have mid-West values and introduce new blood!

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