Listening to the two Defense Attorney’s for the of the terrorists,in their press conference, I am embarrassed for American Journalism.
The “Journalists” asked ZERO penetrating questions. They asked no questions about the pipe bombs, about the “burner” phones, about the destruction to the hard drive. The Attorneys got away with saying lots of people own thousands of rounds of ammunition, which is true, but lots of people don’t rent a car just days before the attack, don’t throw away burner phones, don’t destroy hard drives, don’t have a dozen pipe bombs for “Workplace Violence!”

I don’t blame the Attorneys — I blame the “Journalists.”

I have written before that a degree from the Columbia “J” School, only teaches how to string words into sentences. It gives no one the knowledge necessary to attend a morning discussion at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory regarding a Mars shot, then go to a conference where the CEO of SDG&E discusses the annual budget, and finally report on the Poway Unified School District curriculum.

We put far too much on Reporters shoulders, and we act as if they KNOW something!

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  1. And they barely know how to string those words together. Grammar usage and spelling errors are at the eighth grade level.

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