Morning Musing

Electing new national management next year may only solve one of the many problems.

The bureaucrats all live in the Washington area, and it is they who write the implementing regulations to make the Congress bills work — and they are nameless and faceless and unelected. They are generations deep.
The only hope is to move the Capitol to Ames, Iowa! 

Some bureaucrats will follow, but that will provide continuity, while the new hires will have mid-West values and introduce new blood!

An Oklahoma Christian University has called out the campus protestors, and UCSB (University of California at Santa Barbara) white students are making demands, including a White Students Hall.

Excellent — but any students protesting anything on a college campus should be expelled. I was a professor of computer science, and my university was voluntary — recruiters did not display or use guns to enroll students.

Any student unhappy with the university is free to leave and find another university!


The NY Daily News created a firestorm withe the headline “God Isn’t Fixing This”

The problems with prayers is that many people stop at just that, and believe they have DONE something!

No, DOING something is getting organized with your friends, calling your Congressman, writing letters to the Editor of your local newspaper, getting involved in politics, donating money to some organization that is ACTIVE like Judicial Watch, etc.

Praying makes the prayer feel good.

 Feeling good is not DOING something! 

It is mental masturbation, but It DOES work. I saw the effects with Rose Bucher, whose religion sustained her during the seizure of the USS Pueblo. Her prayers didn’t cut a single second from the torture of the crew, but it gave her peace and the strength to continue her efforts day and night for a year.

She prayed, and then she tirelessly WORKED!


Women will be permitted in all branches of the military, going against the serious objection of the Marines about Marine Infantry.

I agree with the Marines!

Men will take extraordinary chances, unnecessary chances, to save a woman from being killed or taken prisoner. This directive will cost lives.

The final frontier is Marine Infantry, Seals, and Fast Attack Submarines. 

Have you ever been on a Fast Attack submarine? There is no room for men — they sleep on torpedoes! I spent a decade on Fast Attacks, am Qualified to Command them…women are a really bad idea! 

I hope the next president grants an exception at least for the Marines — the Marines know a whole lot more than politicians about fighting wars! Marines are a fighting force, not a Social Services Agency!

Political Correctness will get people killed. I don’t see those supporting increased Marine Infantry women doing any volunteering to do it themselves.

 It is easy to be a keyboard warrior!


I am a radical Capitalist who supports Free Enterprise. I saw Free Enterprise in Hong Kong, pre-China, and it is tough, but it works. 

 America has many Socialist programs but it is NOT yet socialist, and the tendency toward socialism CAN be reversed. 

Free Enterprise is merciless. It does not help the poor, or the frail — that is left to charities. I am not certain that America is ready for Free Enterprise again — it had it for a century, but this is a different and softer population — but we can slowly remove the hammock and at least establish the baseline for assistance at a level where we support the handicapped only

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