So Many Tea Leaves…

Donald Trump is Doctor Fell.
And President Obama, Loretta Lynch, and radical Islamists are doing everything they can to elect The Donald, and I don’t appreciate it one bit! Of course I am not a Republican, so my vote doesn’t really count just yet, but I cannot bring myself to support a Democrat now that Jim Webb has dropped out.

Right now, I don’t have a preference in the Republican Primary, and I am in no great rush to find one.

But I am a conservative, and the Santa Barbara terrorism has really excited a lot of keyboard warriors, which is a real hoot since only about 1% of the population ever serves in the military. B n are just a passel of keyboard warriors who intend to go Radical Muslim hunting, at least until the first clip insert, or they hear the first round gets racked. 

Meanwhile, they are all calling the president a Muslim, and a traitor all without a single scintilla of proof.

I’ll admit that I am embarrassed by some conservatives I see on-line. And, the idiots bring out the worst in many of the liberals I know, who are not as liberal as the idiot rights wing drive them to be. Everyone seems to want to rush to the far corners — the New York Times included.

These particular Muslims didn’t go to the Mosque regularly, did not appear to be overly religious. They were a sleeper cell, completely hidden. Well, not completely — there were clues but the clues were missed.

With an open north and south border, we are sitting ducks. We have 11 million people at a minimum that we did not “let” into America — they broke into America. We don’t know who they are, where they are, and even when they further break our laws we provide them “sanctuary.”

We don’t need to panic, but we do need to slowly torque down the problems that we KNOW we have. We know a neighbor of the terrorists didn’t say anything, although she observed something for fear of being called a Racist — Political Correctness Kills!  

The “If you see something, say something” and Political Correctness are at odds with each other. Moderation, of course, as with everything.

We are a nation of people who protect our privacy. It is an American trait — and we don’t need to establish Cuban-style neighborhood snitches.

We don’t need to panic, and panicking is what conservatives do best. Not panicking when they need to is what liberals do best.

If the liberals work hard enough they might get enough people to elect Donald Trump, but I hope they fail. 

Fortunately, I suspect they will, but they had better get on with the program. The Republican candidates are not helping, although Jeb is showing some spunk, Christie is starting to start, Carson is stumbling, and Rubio is showing life. Rubio is a Great Brown Hope. 

Cruz wants to be on the Supreme Court, and Fiorena wants the VP JOB — at least that is my concern, and that leaves a free run forward for Rubio.

The wild card is liberals. Liberals could mess up my carefully choreographed scenario, and get Trump elected.

Then I’ll probably have to work to get Trump impeached.

It shouldn’t be hard! Meanwhile Venezuela is bouncing their leftist government of 17 years, and France’s Socialist government is under real pressure from Le Pen and the right wing.

Perhaps, there is a rightward movement worldwide, and that may speak to Trump as well.

So many tea leaves…

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