A Mess! 

Something is smelling bad.
The Washington Post is predicting that Cruz is the likely Republican nominee.

John Podesta, Democratic Party guru of the left, agrees.

There are several possible explanations: (In no particular order)

1)this an anti-Trump play by the Democrats, finding someone almost as outrageous as Trump but with better speaking skills.

2) it is an actual analysis, rationally made, and correct considering the ground game of each candidate

3) the Democrats have more on Cruz that is embarrassing, than Trump

There must be five more scenarios which I can’t imagine because I am not on the inside of any ground game, but politics is a dirty business. A really dirty business. 

So, I have no clue. But I thought I would at least explore the candidates, and it is obvious that the only candidate that has as high a dissatisfaction index as Trump, is Hillary. 

That means that Republicans want to ease Trump out, because of his ultra-high negative numbers. That makes tactical and strategic sense.

Cruz is, as Alan Dershowitz said, “scary smart” — and in Iowa, Cruz has the Evangelicals in Iowa. Destroying Trumps invincibility is necessary, because Trump touts how far he is ahead, constantly. Cruz is the proper one to do that, and Iowa is the place. Rubio might be the one somewhere else, but Cruz is the man of the hour in hour.

If Trump can do no better than winning half of the first four competitions, then Rubio and even Jeb could move into contention.

It is a long, long campaign, with many twists and turns. This is one of the first, and, in my opinion, it is driven by Trump’s negatives — which are much higher in every poll than his positives.

And, if you think the Republicans have problems, just look at the Democrats. They have Hillary with massive negatives, an FBI investigation that the administration cannot control, and, unlike the Republicans, no Plan B.


The later that the FBI releases their results (if those results are negative to Hillary, and I expect them to be), no time will be left to develop a Plan B. 

I suppose Joe Biden is a Democrat possible, but that is chancy once he has said “No.”

No, the Republicans have the better looking road to the White House.

But nothing is a lock. In the end, negatives have the power on both sides because the power brokers do not want a candidate who can’t win the final.

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