Your Move, Mr. Putin!

Putin has publicly admitted that the sanctions against Russia, imposed by the West in response to Russia seizing the Crimea and threatening the Ukraine, are really hurting his nation.
How much? Well new car sales are down more than 50% in this November compared to the same month in 2014.

Think of that for a second!  (One brand dropped 71%, month to month)

Now, to be honest, it was not only the sanctions — Russia is a major exporter of oil, and the prices of oil have dropped from $100+ a barrel to $35. The double hit of sanctions and a world awash in an oil surplus has crippled Russia.

Putin wants the sanctions lifted because that is something someone has control over, while the oil surplus is something no one nation or combination of nations is likely to control. In fact, the United States, is a sleeping elephant in the fuel room…and the Congress is about to permit the exportation of oil!

Gas is selling in the Mid-West for $1.94 a gallon — we are awash in oil! If we export, we further weaken the Russian economy. Putin is crazy, but he is not stupid! As much as he wants to spend on his military, he has no money and no clear field to get any. In short, he cannot make any further moves unless he can solve his economy.

The US doesn’t want to squeeze too hard, but it needs to be enough. Russia has been here before, seeing its economy collapse. It would help if he simply brings his troops home from the Ukraine, but he doesn’t want to show any weakness.

Watching his economy collapse is a worse option! Russia has always been a Third World country with nukes, tried to become a rising nation but along came sanctions and a massive drop in oil prices. 

Your move, Mr. Putin. 

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