Monday Morning Musings

What I have discovered in reading Trump supporters on-line, and entering dialog with them is that you can’t ignore Trump, fact-check Trump, or criticize Trump even lightly. If you do not absolutely worship Trump, you must be a Muslim-loving, America-hating, Hillary–supporting “Libtard,” who probably killed his mother, drools and suffocated his children.
I am an Annapolis graduate with 26 years service, Enlisted and Officer, and I’ll match my patriotism against ANY Trump supporter on any Blog, but I am not sufficiently patriotic for the keyboard warriors who have never racked a cartridge in anger!


I watched the purposely hidden Democratic Debate, and there were few surprises. Control guns, raise taxes, give away free stuff. College should be free, apparently, in the thoughts of all Democrats, without even a thought that if college students have no cost to themselves or their families, they will have little incentive (even less than today!) to study or take challenging courses.

If Democrats could, they would have free food and housing…yes, free love and Vodka also!


The Blogs and Facebook feature a Rogues Gallery of students disrespecting teachers in America’s classrooms.
I have no sympathy for teachers who complain about little discipline.. When was the last time you heard of a teacher’s union demanding civility in the classroom, and threatening a strike if they didn’t get it? No, no one has, but 300,000 (plus) teachers — teachers who are THE major donors to politicians in Sacramento, and if they want something, they WILL get it!

Teachers have demanded, and received, salaries that rank in the top five among states — it’s too bad they have not used their clout to raise California academic standings or the quality of civility in the classroom.


I am torn on the subject of encryption — yes, Apple and others should provide a “back door” to their encryption but it is meaningless because ISIL is writing their own encryption software, so what Apple does is really immaterial. The game has passed them by!

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