This is a BIG Story!

The SpaceX landing of their huge rocket is HUGE news, and more than the press is giving it!

This is a monster 1.5 million lbs of thrust, weighing 1.1 million lbs, taking 11 satellites into low orbit successfully, then having the first stage of the rocket return to earth and a soft landing!

This is BIG, and incredibly difficult. The nine engine Falcon 9 v 1.1 is the launch vehicle that will permit us to take back the personnel delivery to the Space Station from Russia, and eventually will be the basis of our Mars Mission. I would love to be alive for that, but alas…

Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s SpaceX program just cut its costs on future flights by returning the first stage softly, and at some future dats will return the second stage also.

This was the first ever flight also with super cooled cryogenic fuel, cooled to minus 340 degrees for greater density. 

It’s a BIG DEAL! American ingenuity at work!

Next year, SpaceX will hopefully launch Falcon Heavy, with separate cores of Merlin engines three times the power of the latest launch. Only the enormous Saturn V of 1973 had more thrust. 

Space X, is leading us back!

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