Some Good News

The good news is that two of our best friends, Japan and South Korea have kissed and made up!
The subject was the kidnapping and raping of tens of thousands of Korean, and other nationalities including Indonesians, and even Dutch, but mostly Koreans. These women were then turned into forced prostitutes to service the Japanese Army. 

For years these sex slaves had to service a dozen or more Japanese soldiers a day.

The Japanese have always denied their complicity, while quietly admitting the “Comfort Women” existed, but claiming they were prostitutes. South Korea erected a Comfort Woman statue facing the Japanese Embassy, and others were erected in the US over Japanese American objections.

The Japanese nationalists, of whom the current Prime Minister Abe is a member, were under pressure from the US to solve the problem by the end of the year, and they did so. 

The Japanese caved, they agreed to millions to the remaining Comfort Women, Prime Minister Abe apologized and expressed remorse, and in return South Korea agreed to remove the statue in front of the Japanese Embassy. Both sides agreed to put this behind them.

But it should not be forgotten, even though it may officially no longer be brought up in diplomatic circles, it is a part of history. A very bad part.

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