A Clash of Cultures

On Facebook I note the breathless claim that a 17 year old girl in Denmark is being charged with a crime in that she used pepper spray to successfully defend herself from an apparent “Refugee” rapist. Pepper spray is reportedly illegal in Denmark.
The term from my youth that “something is rotten in Denmark” jumps immediately to mind.

I actually checked out the story as best I could, on-line. I Googled the story and it was easy to find — it was far less easy to find a LEGITIMATE source, but after searching through nine pages of obvious right-wing sources, I found the story on the Washington Times.

The Times is a right-wing newspaper, but it has legitimate Journalists working for it and it is a legitimate newspaper. 

There are all sorts of aspects to this story: Are regular newspapers not reporting it, because it involves Refugees? Are right-wing sources all over the story because of the difference between protecting oneself in Europe and the US — or because the story is anti-refugee? (Or Both?)

I just find all of the aspects interesting. I find the difference between Texas, where you can carry a pistol openly, and Denmark, where apparently even carrying pepper spray is illegal, to be dispositive between the US and Europe.

With the clash of cultures between the US and Europe, overlay the clash of cultures between Europe and the Refugees, and you have a mess of world-wide cultures from which something is going to change.

We see that same clas within the state’s of the US to a much less degree. I find that fascinating. 


Understanding that it is Schadenfreude, my wife watched the snow in the East, and said to me, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” 
We hit 72 degrees Friday, and, although it goes down to 55 at night, we are not out in that! We also have far less than a quarter inch of rain coming in over the weekend, but still it beats snow! (A high of 64 today, so a fire in the wood stove this afternoon. That usually happens at night.

Understanding that in modern America, everyone lives exactly where they want to live, because planes fly everywhere hourly, people on the a East Coast love, or at least tolerate snow and ice. That is not our choice — we have been to Alaska, and there are people living there! I don’t understand that exactly, but….

Jean grew up with four high school friends in Marshfield, Massachusetts, and the other stayed. They are all dead! While I am not ascribing a cause and effect relationship, I do find that interesting.

Blizzards and ice storms I classify under “Drama,” and I don’t need drama. My early body was better designed to accept drama– particularly cold drama. 

Not to mention the plight of air travelers, whose flights or connecting flights are just not there. Misery reigns. Midshipmen at Annapolis are out shoveling sidewalks of townspeople –something I never did because, while it snowed, it never did anything like Annapolis got yesterday. 


They Found The Rock Under Which Filner Lives

OMG! I hate to mention the name Bob Filner, but the Voice of San Diego (perhaps the best on-line newspaper in America), somehow found the rock in Los Angeles under which Filner is currently living. They got an interview!
Filner’s name brings me the same bad reaction that Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby do, because all three are not just in personal denial, but they just continue on as if nothing can touch them. Bill Clinton was impeached, lost his law license and paid a fine, Bill Cosby has been charged by 50 women and has admitted to using sedatives to seduce (or rape) women, and Filner has pled guilty to one felony and two misdemeanors is a string of sexual assaults.

Of course all deny anything happened, and Filner says it was all a Republican conspiracy! (Isn’t it always!)

I don’t understand the coterie of Democrats who continue to embrace Filner and Big Bill Clinton, but then I have never understood the lack of reality, or those who continue to support these sleaze balls.

Listen to Filner in the interview:

 “When you look at what, quote, I was charged with, you know, it was, really, nothing illegal and it was just an attempt of the establishment to take back their city, which they did … I never sexually harassed anybody by the way.” 


I strongly recommend reading the entire article!

What can one do in the face of gross behavior, gross denial, and the people who fawn over them in the face of certainty demonstrated by admissions of guilt, followed by denial of what they admitted?

The mind boggles!

Time to Fit Hillary With An Orange Pantsuit

What the hell am I missing?
On the day that an Inspector General for the Intelligence Community announced that several dozen communications on Hillary’s insecure server contained information so high that the IG had to get special permission to view that communications.

So, why is Hillary not in handcuffs, and orange jumpsuits?

Here is a better question: I read the story on NBC website — but it was not on NBC Evening News. It was not on Google News. It was not on the Associated Press website. It was not on CBS News. It was not on ABC News either.

The communications that was on her unsecured server that was so high that the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, a man accustomed to Top Secret information had to get special permission was several SAP or Special Access Programs. Those are usually programs that not only can you not discuss them, their very program name cannot be said in company without a Top Secret clearance. The subject was drones, and that subject has political overtones because of the launch areas, and the ground spotters who, if revealed, can be killed.

I have said before that I handled such communications, and I would be in jail for decades for doing what Hillary is accused of doing. I know the FBI is investigating, and I fully expect them to call for indictment…but then what.

I’ll bet the White House is sweating bullets, because they want to minimize the damage not to Hillary, but to the Democratic Party. There are too many military and former military who understand even if most people driving down the road or eating at Denny’s do not. There are too many in the FBI, or NSA who combined with military who can talk to their neighbor’s.

An FBI report may not lead to indictment, but it should end Hillary’s political career…but I am concerned about the morale of the FBI, NASA and the military. That must be the prime concern of the White House — but the White House has no one near his inner circle who has ever served in the military, FBI or NSA. 

I fear this administration is tone deaf!

Bernie is Not an “Independent”

Bernie ran as a Socialist when he first ran for Senate. He and his wife honeymooned in the Soviet Union. 

He has changed his label, not his philosophy.

BTW, I just saw him say in the debate that the answer to rogue Cops killing unarmed Black youth was the Justice Department.

Yo! Bernie! The Justice Department is a Department of the president (who is Black), and has been headed over the past seven years by Eric Holder (Black) and Loretta Lynch (Black)!

Bernie acts like Republicans have been in charge for the past seven years!

Now Bernie has a history, and one that would certainly come up if Bernie happens to win the Democratic Nomination. (Which he won’t.)

Bernie appeared at a Sandinista rally in Nicaragua.

At various times, Bernie has supported seizing and nationalizing the steel industry, the oil industry, and the TV industry.

He also said, “I don’t believe in charities.” He believes that only government should help people.

Republicans can only hope Bernie is the Nominee.

(So do I, and I am not even a Republican!)

No City Owns a Sports Team (except Green Bay)

The saga of the Chargers is absolute proof of the obvious, that is often ignored.
It’s always been the Spanos Chargers — never the San Diego Chargers.

I have written this for many years…San Diego does not get a vote on selecting the draft choices, or who will coach — only Spanos does. San Diego has zero, and gets nothing…we don’t even sell Spanos our naming rights for the city!

Never forget this about the Padres, also other sports teams — any sports team can divorce us by facing East and repeating, “I divorce thee” three times!

Fake News Abounds on FB

I have just about given up with my fellow conservatives — they continue to fall for the stupid, fake “news” being foisted upon them, hook line and sinker.
And it’s not just real fake sites (yes, it is an oxymoron, but I am referring to sites like American News which are actually fake sites with outrageous headlines designed to get clicks for advertisers), but tonight I read a Breitbart headline that shouted, “New York Times: Germany Should Close Borders, Conduct Mass Deportations, AND Merkel Must Resign” and you must go to the original NYT piece to learn that it is an opinion piece, an Op-Ed written by someone having nothing to do with the New York Times!

Can’t anyone here play this game? I write Op-Ed pieces — I have written and published more than 2,500 newspaper columns, and almost NEVER did my opinion represent the newspaper in which it was printed! I am a libertarian-conservatives, and my Editors have invariably been liberals.

Now Ron Douhat is an employee of the New York Times, so he is not quite as independent as a freelance writer, but Ron does not necessarily represent the opinion as expressed in an Editorial by the Editorial Board. Breitbart tried to smear the line, trying to fool the readers into thinking the NYT was saying that. It wasn’t!

Today I got a post about a shooter at Arapaho, Colorado High School, last Friday, with the comment that since the shooter was killed by a School Resource Officer…and the comment that you will not read about this in the Main Stream Media.

Absolutely right, because it didn’t happen! The last event with a gun happened in 2013, and the shooter killed himself! 

And a piece from American “Fake” News, claiming that a white girl had been killed by a 17 person Black Gang, which the FBI had in jail!


I have been following the case of Jessica Chambers, and yes, the 17 members of a Black gang has been jailed on indictments by the FBI. Just that none of them have been accused with the burning alive death of Chambers.

Chambers, a “Wild Child” of 18 had been killed when someone poured lighter fuel down her throat, and in her nose, and lit a cigarette lighter. 

Because she had been dating a Black teen, the FBI examined the situation and arrested 17 members of a notorious Black gang — a month ago — and none have yet been indicted for the murder of Chambers. They have been charged with various crimes, but not Chamber’s ghastly death!

That doesn’t keep a Fake news site — which makes such mistakes daily, from headlining fake news!

I’m sick of it, and more sick that my conservative friends keep falling for it!

An EU Problem

Frau Merkel appears to be losing support fast — a second Senior Judge has declared that the million refugees, with 10 million more coming, violates the German Constitution. 
Her support has dropped from 68% to 53%, and the numbers continue to plummet as the German population recognizes that in the name of Political Correctness, the police forces have shoved the extent and the identities of the New Years Eve sexual attackers and have been covering up. This has not set well with not just the German population, but with other countries whose political officials tried to ignore the immigrant/refugee sexual issue.

The European Union is slowly unraveling, and the potential of Britain bolting from the entire mess has risen to an almost certainty, assuring the downfall of the European Union.

The lack of internal borders, plus immigrants/refugee problem may well destroy the EU before Britain votes in 2017, simply because the refugees accepted by Germany can spread, unencumbered from Germany to any other country! This makes all of those other borderless countries really, really nervous. 

We have many, many problems without worrying too omuch about the trials of Europe, particularly since their wounds, except Britain, are self-inflicted. Britain recognizes their mistake in letting in too many Muslims, and now they let the English Channel be their friend.

So what do we do? The easy answer is to sign treaties, military and economic with Britain, then let other European nations that have an interest, abandon the EU and join with us. 

Let those EU states that want to be repositories of the Muslim hoards, do their thing.

Morning Musings

Recently, a union supporter engaged me in on-line debate over the advantages of unionization, and blamed Wall Street for the latest recession.
I replied:

You are right about the latest recession, but union extortion is damaging the economy day, after day after day — for generations.

When I started a small computer company, not one employee risked a single dime, while I pledged my home to get the initial money!

At one time I had FIVE TRUST DEEDS against my home, while no employee had again risked a dime! 

I told my employees that the day they unionized it would be for the union to attempt to tell me how to run my business…wages, work rules, etc….and if they did I would close the doors, sell off the equipment and intellectual property, and close the doors…

Unless the workers wanted to ante into the pot and take 50% of the debt — then I would listen to them. Pony into the pot if you want a voice!


I am so thankful that someone(s) won the huge Powerball 

Now perhaps I can see TV news without hourly reports on something I care nothing about. Even if I cared, the overkill would annoy me, but I don’t care. 

I suppose I’ll have to endure the interviews, the photos with giant checks, but there is finally coming, respite!

While I am ranting about TV, my defense shield against ads I hate is to instantly go between FOX News and CNN when the tear-jerker ads appear.

Not commenting on their worthiness — because all are worthy — the ads for money for Wounded Warriors, Israel’s hungry, and chained dogs all earn an immediate click to Plan B TV.

I hate being so overtly manipulated

State of the Union

OMG, self delusional to the max! ISIL has expanded, there are fewer people in the working pool and more people on food stamps since 1970, and my local shopping center still has 17 vacant stores because the economy has not generated confidence!
The military is at its lowest numbers since 1946, China is tweaking our nose in the South Pacific, Russia in the Ukraine and Syria, North Korea in the northern Pacific, and Iran In the Middle East.
If this is success, I would hate to see defeat!