Expectations, Not Predictions

So, what will this year be like.
It is more than a slogan that no battle plan survives the first shot, it is absolutely true because there are many moving parts and the knee bone is connected to the shin bone…you get the idea…

So with the caveat that my guess is no better than yours, I’ll jump right in and embarrass myself.

I completely discount Trump’s candidacy after the third or fourth Caucus/Primary, and so the Republican nomination will be up to grabs. I suspect — better than 50% that the Nominee will be Rubio. Cruz is my second prediction, but he has burned a lot of bridges and he doesn’t play well with others. Cruz is a cinch for SCOTUS at the first opportunity.

The VP under Rubio will probably be a Governor. I would not rule out Christie because he is a go-for-the-throat debater.

I actually expect Hillarie’s e-mails to kill her candidacy, but without indictment and Biden to be the Democrat Nominee. Biden has a great reservoir of public support. He is considered an honest if bumbling political hack, but he could pull it out for the Democrat if the Republicans stumble. They usually do.

Biden, if elected, will become our Harry Truman — he will grow into the job, and hit well above his weight.

I expect Europe, less Britain, to erupt, and a massive refugee resettlement will take Refugees by force into a safe haven in the Middle East. Europe simply cannot sustain two such divergent cultures, and the Europeans were there first. Britain will re-establish their ability to go into no-go zones. All of this will be gut-wlrenching difficult. 

I expect to see “boots on the ground” in Iraq/Syria. I would not expect to see an Army, but a Brigade, just to spearhead an actual combined force including France Saudi Arabia, Germany, Jordan and Britain, and I would expect to see a huge Safe Zone to relocate existing end future refugees. There is a lot of unused sand in Iraq.

I expect continuing problems with Russia and China. One, probably China, to do something stupid, and our Cyber Warriors to bring China to her knees just to demonstrate to China that they. actually are not the center of the universe.

These are not predictions, per se, just what I expect to happen. My wife and I are 82, and she has Alzheimer’s, so I hope both of us just survive. No one knows what is going on inside our bodies.

Here is the best advice I can offer after my wife spent 10 weeks in the hospital this past year with Diverticulitis, and 10 more weeks in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility.all with a family member by her side 24/7, usually me sleeping in her hospital room:


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