Storms In San Diego?

For our far-flung friends who could not bear to live far from covered bridges of the East Coast, and who have seen the flooding of downtown San Diego on TV, let this be a bit of reassurance. 
As usual, the press “accentuates the negative” — it always has and will continue — because, as the news assures us, “no one covers planes that land safely.”

We had a lot of rain…about 3 inches at my home (that’s under challenge, locally) and different parts of the County got up to 6 inches. Unfortunately to Easterners who think in terms of Counties the size of California swimming pools, and States the size of our Counties, San Diego doesn’t fit the East Coast mold.

Our County goes from beautiful beaches to 6,000 feet above sea level, so the beach area may well flood. Jean and I live in a meadow at the 1,500 foot level. That doesn’t mean that rain doesn’t bother us — some rain filled our patio drains and backed into our garage. (The drains have been cleaned and sand bags block our garage side door.)

Those of us who need not leave the house are somewhat immune to the problems that exist in driving the freeways down off our hill, which are indeed a nightmare– have you ever seen Californians drive in the rain? I mean just sprinkles, and an El Niño rain is pretty spectacular!

So all is well. Our golf course which we are on, was supposed to re-open from a remodel, but the work has stopped and much work needs to be done because the rains did damage the grading, but the golf course will have to work hard during the brief dry periods.

This next week looks semi-dry, but come Friday, another storm arrives. Before it is over, the fires that left us with bare hills over the past 10 years will become mud slides, so while our home is relatively safe, El Niño will cause problems because San Diego doesn’t have large storm drains. 

This is not our normal! (But so far, so good, so long as the firewood holds out!)

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