European Debacle

On December 19, the New York Times reported that Norway was holding classes for their refugees to teach them how the West treats women.
That, by itself should tell you that they expected trouble from a population that routinely mistreats women, and on New Year’s Eve, Europe reaped the whirlwind!

Stealing and the sexual mistreatment of women was rife across Europe from crowds of immigrant men who simply do not recognize Western culture as rage dominate culture even in Western nations.

With a much less dense refugee population, our nation suffers genital mutilation , honor killings, and other foreign abuses absent in our culture. In Europe, the immigrants say they are immune because, “Merkel invited us!”

And, yes she did, although she is trying to get control by proposing easier laws to deport those who violate German law…I suspect it will be too late to save her job. She has planted the seeds of European destruction, or at least the destruction of European Union destruction, and only Scandinavian countries and Britain can likely survive as Western Nations.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Mayor wants to create a pool of money so that Muslims can borrow money without paying interest — because paying interest is not permitted in the Muslim religion. Yes, I suspect that is illegal…treating religions differently and all that.

Anyway, the German Development Minister says there will soon be 10 million refugees on the way, and like the current group they are uneducated, unskilled, and destined to be on welfare for decades or generations.

Wonderful, just wonderful…

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