Morning Musings

Recently, a union supporter engaged me in on-line debate over the advantages of unionization, and blamed Wall Street for the latest recession.
I replied:

You are right about the latest recession, but union extortion is damaging the economy day, after day after day — for generations.

When I started a small computer company, not one employee risked a single dime, while I pledged my home to get the initial money!

At one time I had FIVE TRUST DEEDS against my home, while no employee had again risked a dime! 

I told my employees that the day they unionized it would be for the union to attempt to tell me how to run my business…wages, work rules, etc….and if they did I would close the doors, sell off the equipment and intellectual property, and close the doors…

Unless the workers wanted to ante into the pot and take 50% of the debt — then I would listen to them. Pony into the pot if you want a voice!


I am so thankful that someone(s) won the huge Powerball 

Now perhaps I can see TV news without hourly reports on something I care nothing about. Even if I cared, the overkill would annoy me, but I don’t care. 

I suppose I’ll have to endure the interviews, the photos with giant checks, but there is finally coming, respite!

While I am ranting about TV, my defense shield against ads I hate is to instantly go between FOX News and CNN when the tear-jerker ads appear.

Not commenting on their worthiness — because all are worthy — the ads for money for Wounded Warriors, Israel’s hungry, and chained dogs all earn an immediate click to Plan B TV.

I hate being so overtly manipulated

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