An EU Problem

Frau Merkel appears to be losing support fast — a second Senior Judge has declared that the million refugees, with 10 million more coming, violates the German Constitution. 
Her support has dropped from 68% to 53%, and the numbers continue to plummet as the German population recognizes that in the name of Political Correctness, the police forces have shoved the extent and the identities of the New Years Eve sexual attackers and have been covering up. This has not set well with not just the German population, but with other countries whose political officials tried to ignore the immigrant/refugee sexual issue.

The European Union is slowly unraveling, and the potential of Britain bolting from the entire mess has risen to an almost certainty, assuring the downfall of the European Union.

The lack of internal borders, plus immigrants/refugee problem may well destroy the EU before Britain votes in 2017, simply because the refugees accepted by Germany can spread, unencumbered from Germany to any other country! This makes all of those other borderless countries really, really nervous. 

We have many, many problems without worrying too omuch about the trials of Europe, particularly since their wounds, except Britain, are self-inflicted. Britain recognizes their mistake in letting in too many Muslims, and now they let the English Channel be their friend.

So what do we do? The easy answer is to sign treaties, military and economic with Britain, then let other European nations that have an interest, abandon the EU and join with us. 

Let those EU states that want to be repositories of the Muslim hoards, do their thing.

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