Fake News Abounds on FB

I have just about given up with my fellow conservatives — they continue to fall for the stupid, fake “news” being foisted upon them, hook line and sinker.
And it’s not just real fake sites (yes, it is an oxymoron, but I am referring to sites like American News which are actually fake sites with outrageous headlines designed to get clicks for advertisers), but tonight I read a Breitbart headline that shouted, “New York Times: Germany Should Close Borders, Conduct Mass Deportations, AND Merkel Must Resign” and you must go to the original NYT piece to learn that it is an opinion piece, an Op-Ed written by someone having nothing to do with the New York Times!

Can’t anyone here play this game? I write Op-Ed pieces — I have written and published more than 2,500 newspaper columns, and almost NEVER did my opinion represent the newspaper in which it was printed! I am a libertarian-conservatives, and my Editors have invariably been liberals.

Now Ron Douhat is an employee of the New York Times, so he is not quite as independent as a freelance writer, but Ron does not necessarily represent the opinion as expressed in an Editorial by the Editorial Board. Breitbart tried to smear the line, trying to fool the readers into thinking the NYT was saying that. It wasn’t!

Today I got a post about a shooter at Arapaho, Colorado High School, last Friday, with the comment that since the shooter was killed by a School Resource Officer…and the comment that you will not read about this in the Main Stream Media.

Absolutely right, because it didn’t happen! The last event with a gun happened in 2013, and the shooter killed himself! 

And a piece from American “Fake” News, claiming that a white girl had been killed by a 17 person Black Gang, which the FBI had in jail!


I have been following the case of Jessica Chambers, and yes, the 17 members of a Black gang has been jailed on indictments by the FBI. Just that none of them have been accused with the burning alive death of Chambers.

Chambers, a “Wild Child” of 18 had been killed when someone poured lighter fuel down her throat, and in her nose, and lit a cigarette lighter. 

Because she had been dating a Black teen, the FBI examined the situation and arrested 17 members of a notorious Black gang — a month ago — and none have yet been indicted for the murder of Chambers. They have been charged with various crimes, but not Chamber’s ghastly death!

That doesn’t keep a Fake news site — which makes such mistakes daily, from headlining fake news!

I’m sick of it, and more sick that my conservative friends keep falling for it!

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  1. One more thing that you might read on the internet…I am a French Model.

    Love everything you write and I am so happy that you are still putting your thoughts out here for the rest of us.

    Best Wishes,


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