Bernie is Not an “Independent”

Bernie ran as a Socialist when he first ran for Senate. He and his wife honeymooned in the Soviet Union. 

He has changed his label, not his philosophy.

BTW, I just saw him say in the debate that the answer to rogue Cops killing unarmed Black youth was the Justice Department.

Yo! Bernie! The Justice Department is a Department of the president (who is Black), and has been headed over the past seven years by Eric Holder (Black) and Loretta Lynch (Black)!

Bernie acts like Republicans have been in charge for the past seven years!

Now Bernie has a history, and one that would certainly come up if Bernie happens to win the Democratic Nomination. (Which he won’t.)

Bernie appeared at a Sandinista rally in Nicaragua.

At various times, Bernie has supported seizing and nationalizing the steel industry, the oil industry, and the TV industry.

He also said, “I don’t believe in charities.” He believes that only government should help people.

Republicans can only hope Bernie is the Nominee.

(So do I, and I am not even a Republican!)

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