Time to Fit Hillary With An Orange Pantsuit

What the hell am I missing?
On the day that an Inspector General for the Intelligence Community announced that several dozen communications on Hillary’s insecure server contained information so high that the IG had to get special permission to view that communications.

So, why is Hillary not in handcuffs, and orange jumpsuits?

Here is a better question: I read the story on NBC website — but it was not on NBC Evening News. It was not on Google News. It was not on the Associated Press website. It was not on CBS News. It was not on ABC News either.

The communications that was on her unsecured server that was so high that the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, a man accustomed to Top Secret information had to get special permission was several SAP or Special Access Programs. Those are usually programs that not only can you not discuss them, their very program name cannot be said in company without a Top Secret clearance. The subject was drones, and that subject has political overtones because of the launch areas, and the ground spotters who, if revealed, can be killed.

I have said before that I handled such communications, and I would be in jail for decades for doing what Hillary is accused of doing. I know the FBI is investigating, and I fully expect them to call for indictment…but then what.

I’ll bet the White House is sweating bullets, because they want to minimize the damage not to Hillary, but to the Democratic Party. There are too many military and former military who understand even if most people driving down the road or eating at Denny’s do not. There are too many in the FBI, or NSA who combined with military who can talk to their neighbor’s.

An FBI report may not lead to indictment, but it should end Hillary’s political career…but I am concerned about the morale of the FBI, NASA and the military. That must be the prime concern of the White House — but the White House has no one near his inner circle who has ever served in the military, FBI or NSA. 

I fear this administration is tone deaf!

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