They Found The Rock Under Which Filner Lives

OMG! I hate to mention the name Bob Filner, but the Voice of San Diego (perhaps the best on-line newspaper in America), somehow found the rock in Los Angeles under which Filner is currently living. They got an interview!
Filner’s name brings me the same bad reaction that Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby do, because all three are not just in personal denial, but they just continue on as if nothing can touch them. Bill Clinton was impeached, lost his law license and paid a fine, Bill Cosby has been charged by 50 women and has admitted to using sedatives to seduce (or rape) women, and Filner has pled guilty to one felony and two misdemeanors is a string of sexual assaults.

Of course all deny anything happened, and Filner says it was all a Republican conspiracy! (Isn’t it always!)

I don’t understand the coterie of Democrats who continue to embrace Filner and Big Bill Clinton, but then I have never understood the lack of reality, or those who continue to support these sleaze balls.

Listen to Filner in the interview:

 “When you look at what, quote, I was charged with, you know, it was, really, nothing illegal and it was just an attempt of the establishment to take back their city, which they did … I never sexually harassed anybody by the way.”

I strongly recommend reading the entire article!

What can one do in the face of gross behavior, gross denial, and the people who fawn over them in the face of certainty demonstrated by admissions of guilt, followed by denial of what they admitted?

The mind boggles!

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