Understanding that it is Schadenfreude, my wife watched the snow in the East, and said to me, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” 
We hit 72 degrees Friday, and, although it goes down to 55 at night, we are not out in that! We also have far less than a quarter inch of rain coming in over the weekend, but still it beats snow! (A high of 64 today, so a fire in the wood stove this afternoon. That usually happens at night.

Understanding that in modern America, everyone lives exactly where they want to live, because planes fly everywhere hourly, people on the a East Coast love, or at least tolerate snow and ice. That is not our choice — we have been to Alaska, and there are people living there! I don’t understand that exactly, but….

Jean grew up with four high school friends in Marshfield, Massachusetts, and the other stayed. They are all dead! While I am not ascribing a cause and effect relationship, I do find that interesting.

Blizzards and ice storms I classify under “Drama,” and I don’t need drama. My early body was better designed to accept drama– particularly cold drama. 

Not to mention the plight of air travelers, whose flights or connecting flights are just not there. Misery reigns. Midshipmen at Annapolis are out shoveling sidewalks of townspeople –something I never did because, while it snowed, it never did anything like Annapolis got yesterday. 


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