A Clash of Cultures

On Facebook I note the breathless claim that a 17 year old girl in Denmark is being charged with a crime in that she used pepper spray to successfully defend herself from an apparent “Refugee” rapist. Pepper spray is reportedly illegal in Denmark.
The term from my youth that “something is rotten in Denmark” jumps immediately to mind.

I actually checked out the story as best I could, on-line. I Googled the story and it was easy to find — it was far less easy to find a LEGITIMATE source, but after searching through nine pages of obvious right-wing sources, I found the story on the Washington Times.

The Times is a right-wing newspaper, but it has legitimate Journalists working for it and it is a legitimate newspaper. 

There are all sorts of aspects to this story: Are regular newspapers not reporting it, because it involves Refugees? Are right-wing sources all over the story because of the difference between protecting oneself in Europe and the US — or because the story is anti-refugee? (Or Both?)

I just find all of the aspects interesting. I find the difference between Texas, where you can carry a pistol openly, and Denmark, where apparently even carrying pepper spray is illegal, to be dispositive between the US and Europe.

With the clash of cultures between the US and Europe, overlay the clash of cultures between Europe and the Refugees, and you have a mess of world-wide cultures from which something is going to change.

We see that same clas within the state’s of the US to a much less degree. I find that fascinating. 

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