An EU Problem

Frau Merkel appears to be losing support fast — a second Senior Judge has declared that the million refugees, with 10 million more coming, violates the German Constitution. 
Her support has dropped from 68% to 53%, and the numbers continue to plummet as the German population recognizes that in the name of Political Correctness, the police forces have shoved the extent and the identities of the New Years Eve sexual attackers and have been covering up. This has not set well with not just the German population, but with other countries whose political officials tried to ignore the immigrant/refugee sexual issue.

The European Union is slowly unraveling, and the potential of Britain bolting from the entire mess has risen to an almost certainty, assuring the downfall of the European Union.

The lack of internal borders, plus immigrants/refugee problem may well destroy the EU before Britain votes in 2017, simply because the refugees accepted by Germany can spread, unencumbered from Germany to any other country! This makes all of those other borderless countries really, really nervous. 

We have many, many problems without worrying too omuch about the trials of Europe, particularly since their wounds, except Britain, are self-inflicted. Britain recognizes their mistake in letting in too many Muslims, and now they let the English Channel be their friend.

So what do we do? The easy answer is to sign treaties, military and economic with Britain, then let other European nations that have an interest, abandon the EU and join with us. 

Let those EU states that want to be repositories of the Muslim hoards, do their thing.

Morning Musings

Recently, a union supporter engaged me in on-line debate over the advantages of unionization, and blamed Wall Street for the latest recession.
I replied:

You are right about the latest recession, but union extortion is damaging the economy day, after day after day — for generations.

When I started a small computer company, not one employee risked a single dime, while I pledged my home to get the initial money!

At one time I had FIVE TRUST DEEDS against my home, while no employee had again risked a dime! 

I told my employees that the day they unionized it would be for the union to attempt to tell me how to run my business…wages, work rules, etc….and if they did I would close the doors, sell off the equipment and intellectual property, and close the doors…

Unless the workers wanted to ante into the pot and take 50% of the debt — then I would listen to them. Pony into the pot if you want a voice!


I am so thankful that someone(s) won the huge Powerball 

Now perhaps I can see TV news without hourly reports on something I care nothing about. Even if I cared, the overkill would annoy me, but I don’t care. 

I suppose I’ll have to endure the interviews, the photos with giant checks, but there is finally coming, respite!

While I am ranting about TV, my defense shield against ads I hate is to instantly go between FOX News and CNN when the tear-jerker ads appear.

Not commenting on their worthiness — because all are worthy — the ads for money for Wounded Warriors, Israel’s hungry, and chained dogs all earn an immediate click to Plan B TV.

I hate being so overtly manipulated

State of the Union

OMG, self delusional to the max! ISIL has expanded, there are fewer people in the working pool and more people on food stamps since 1970, and my local shopping center still has 17 vacant stores because the economy has not generated confidence!
The military is at its lowest numbers since 1946, China is tweaking our nose in the South Pacific, Russia in the Ukraine and Syria, North Korea in the northern Pacific, and Iran In the Middle East.
If this is success, I would hate to see defeat!

European Debacle

On December 19, the New York Times reported that Norway was holding classes for their refugees to teach them how the West treats women.
That, by itself should tell you that they expected trouble from a population that routinely mistreats women, and on New Year’s Eve, Europe reaped the whirlwind!

Stealing and the sexual mistreatment of women was rife across Europe from crowds of immigrant men who simply do not recognize Western culture as rage dominate culture even in Western nations.

With a much less dense refugee population, our nation suffers genital mutilation , honor killings, and other foreign abuses absent in our culture. In Europe, the immigrants say they are immune because, “Merkel invited us!”

And, yes she did, although she is trying to get control by proposing easier laws to deport those who violate German law…I suspect it will be too late to save her job. She has planted the seeds of European destruction, or at least the destruction of European Union destruction, and only Scandinavian countries and Britain can likely survive as Western Nations.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Mayor wants to create a pool of money so that Muslims can borrow money without paying interest — because paying interest is not permitted in the Muslim religion. Yes, I suspect that is illegal…treating religions differently and all that.

Anyway, the German Development Minister says there will soon be 10 million refugees on the way, and like the current group they are uneducated, unskilled, and destined to be on welfare for decades or generations.

Wonderful, just wonderful…

Storms In San Diego?

For our far-flung friends who could not bear to live far from covered bridges of the East Coast, and who have seen the flooding of downtown San Diego on TV, let this be a bit of reassurance. 
As usual, the press “accentuates the negative” — it always has and will continue — because, as the news assures us, “no one covers planes that land safely.”

We had a lot of rain…about 3 inches at my home (that’s under challenge, locally) and different parts of the County got up to 6 inches. Unfortunately to Easterners who think in terms of Counties the size of California swimming pools, and States the size of our Counties, San Diego doesn’t fit the East Coast mold.

Our County goes from beautiful beaches to 6,000 feet above sea level, so the beach area may well flood. Jean and I live in a meadow at the 1,500 foot level. That doesn’t mean that rain doesn’t bother us — some rain filled our patio drains and backed into our garage. (The drains have been cleaned and sand bags block our garage side door.)

Those of us who need not leave the house are somewhat immune to the problems that exist in driving the freeways down off our hill, which are indeed a nightmare– have you ever seen Californians drive in the rain? I mean just sprinkles, and an El Niño rain is pretty spectacular!

So all is well. Our golf course which we are on, was supposed to re-open from a remodel, but the work has stopped and much work needs to be done because the rains did damage the grading, but the golf course will have to work hard during the brief dry periods.

This next week looks semi-dry, but come Friday, another storm arrives. Before it is over, the fires that left us with bare hills over the past 10 years will become mud slides, so while our home is relatively safe, El Niño will cause problems because San Diego doesn’t have large storm drains. 

This is not our normal! (But so far, so good, so long as the firewood holds out!)

We Are No Longer A Serious Nation

As a reader of the history of WWII, the term Rules of Engagement are something new, and may a product of minute to minute news, and 24 hour newscast.
I WWII, we killed mercilessly, not just indiscriminate bombing with dumb bombs, but on the battlefield we did things that we now categorize as War Crimes — like shooting surrendered soldiers, without trying the culprits.

It’s called “War.”

Along came Korea, where I won three Battle Stars at 17 years of age. That seems to be the transitional war. It was no longer “kill at any cost” but a United Nations approved war. Most of the fighting was so fierce that some activities were more like WWII, particularly by Turkish soldiers, but it became political when General McCarthur demanded the use of the Atomic Bomb, and pursuing the North Korean/Chinese Army to the Chinese border.

President Truman made an example of the General by publicly LBJ firing the hero of WWII and Korea, and I remember it well. General McCarthur was a potential Republican candidate, and Truman intended to not just scotch the concept of total victory in Korea, but killing the potential Republican candidate.

That was the war in which politics entered the battlefield. In WWII, there was a lot of politics between FDR, Churchill and Stalin; and politics between Eisenhower, Patton, and Montgomery, but once again it never got to the battlefield.

By Vietnam, it got to the battlefield — LBJ was picking targets from the the White House bedroom, and we didn’t want to actually win the war, we wanted to simply stop North Vietnam, so we didn’t do what needed to be done — destroy the dikes of North Vietnam, which we could have done with a single bombing raid. This would have flooded the country and won the war.

Let me tell yo a few personal experiences that show what was going on — I had one of two dredges that kept Haiphong Harbor silt-free in the crosshairs of my submarine, and I was not permitted to sink it!

A Classmate at Annapolis, who had two jets shot out after him and had been selected for the Blue Angels, resigned from the Navy. He told me that Ho Chi Minh had SAM Millie sites on his palace grounds shooting at my Classmate, and my Classmate was not permitted to shoot back. As my Classmate said, ” I had to go out and drop ordinance on some pajama-wearing farmer in a field!”

We see it now in the Middle East. Don’t think we could not defeat ISIL in a week? Of course we could — we are risk averse. We decide we want to do it with no deaths.

Can’t be done! Wining wars sometimes requires efforts — in WWII, we put 5,000 bombers over Berlin! Today, we run 20 bombing runs a day. Our Aircraft Carriers can complete that before breakfast!

We are no longer a serious nation!

Expectations, Not Predictions

So, what will this year be like.
It is more than a slogan that no battle plan survives the first shot, it is absolutely true because there are many moving parts and the knee bone is connected to the shin bone…you get the idea…

So with the caveat that my guess is no better than yours, I’ll jump right in and embarrass myself.

I completely discount Trump’s candidacy after the third or fourth Caucus/Primary, and so the Republican nomination will be up to grabs. I suspect — better than 50% that the Nominee will be Rubio. Cruz is my second prediction, but he has burned a lot of bridges and he doesn’t play well with others. Cruz is a cinch for SCOTUS at the first opportunity.

The VP under Rubio will probably be a Governor. I would not rule out Christie because he is a go-for-the-throat debater.

I actually expect Hillarie’s e-mails to kill her candidacy, but without indictment and Biden to be the Democrat Nominee. Biden has a great reservoir of public support. He is considered an honest if bumbling political hack, but he could pull it out for the Democrat if the Republicans stumble. They usually do.

Biden, if elected, will become our Harry Truman — he will grow into the job, and hit well above his weight.

I expect Europe, less Britain, to erupt, and a massive refugee resettlement will take Refugees by force into a safe haven in the Middle East. Europe simply cannot sustain two such divergent cultures, and the Europeans were there first. Britain will re-establish their ability to go into no-go zones. All of this will be gut-wlrenching difficult. 

I expect to see “boots on the ground” in Iraq/Syria. I would not expect to see an Army, but a Brigade, just to spearhead an actual combined force including France Saudi Arabia, Germany, Jordan and Britain, and I would expect to see a huge Safe Zone to relocate existing end future refugees. There is a lot of unused sand in Iraq.

I expect continuing problems with Russia and China. One, probably China, to do something stupid, and our Cyber Warriors to bring China to her knees just to demonstrate to China that they. actually are not the center of the universe.

These are not predictions, per se, just what I expect to happen. My wife and I are 82, and she has Alzheimer’s, so I hope both of us just survive. No one knows what is going on inside our bodies.

Here is the best advice I can offer after my wife spent 10 weeks in the hospital this past year with Diverticulitis, and 10 more weeks in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility.all with a family member by her side 24/7, usually me sleeping in her hospital room: