We Must Do Better!

I have abandoned my Top Tier of Republican candidates — one of whom I thought I could vote for, and have selected my candidate: Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, and nominee of the Libertarian Party!
Trump is a clown, and has brought the entire Republican Party down to his minuscule level — none are the potential Republicans are worthy of my single vote, or the votes of the readers of my newspaper column of some 35 years for whom I am one source of analysis and information.

If everyone followed my lead it would elect Hillary, but I have to live with my vote and I could not live with myself if I voted for any of the three leading Republicans. Voting for either of the Democrats is out of the question.

Could one of the Republicans recover, certainly, but it is unlikely.

I will not join or condone this food fight!

Enough, Apple

I am an Apple Fanboy — my wife and I owned an Apple Computer store, I owned the series of early Apple products, Apple IIc and e, even an Apple III and Mac. I have an iPhone and iPad Air, but if Apple continues their current stand vis a vis security…well let’s just say there are excellent replacements available…Phones from Samsung, and tablets from Microsoft come immediately to mind. 
Apple’s CEO is making a strategic error, and I am surprised that the Board of Directors will let him do so.

Meanwhile, I am looking at the newly announced Samsung S7 Edge, with almost double the specifications of the Apple 6s — for less money. Apple can no longer automatically count on me or much of its fan base if in addition to slower progression of features, it also AIDS and abets terrorism.

Enough Already!

There is rising angst these days on Facebook about the internment of Japanese-American citizens right after Pearl Harbor.
It was done by a liberal president (FDR) and the very liberal Governor of California — the soon-to-be liberal Chief Justice of the United States, Earl Warren.

That said, the overreaction was of its time, and the Untied States had just had the Pacific Fleet had almost completely been sunk!

I lived through Dec. 7 as a young child, and felt the palpable terror deep in our mainland. You can’t place today’s morales, and ethics, on those in the past.

It was terrible. The Japanese-Americans were badly treated and their property seized. They deserve reparations, perhaps even their children deserve reparations — but at some point reparations as a concept must end. The Italians do not owe the Greeks because the Romans enslaved the Greeks.

Stone Age People Did Not Have Culture

Stanford university is considering a course in Western Civilization — I’ll bet you thought there was a course in that but there hasn’t been since the 60s. There is opposition to this from students who claim that studying Western Culture is studying racism and imperialism.
The Know Nothings have learned nothing, and object to studying anything that might challenge their preconceived ideas. They celebrate “cultures” that never invented the wheel or developed a written language in America, in Polynesia and in Africa — while downgrading the Western culture that gave those Stone Age people what little advancement they have, and gave the students the culture that surrounds them — and more advanced by thousands of years! 

These students need to be divided into three groups — one group inserted into the jungle ofNew Guinea, a third into the Amazon jungle with their remaining Stone Age people, and the last third into Central Africa. After three months of experiencing no Western clothing, electricity, phones, medicine, military protection etc, the groups should switch with another group. 

After the academic year is finished, the students can spend a following semester discussing the results of their cultural exchange, and the superiority of Western Culture. Any student not agreeing with Western Culture should be given a one-way ticket back to the Stone Age culture of their choice.

Still No Political Answers

Big night for Hillary, Trump, and a decent night for Rubio. Cruz could afford the narrow loss to Rubio.

Hillary stopped the Sanders train, and he will be unable do get it started for weeks in the South. It makes no difference anyway because Hillary has it wrapped up with Super Delegates.

Rubio got a great second, but in a state where the popular Governor and the Black Senator endorsed him, why wouldn’t he? 

I really resent the media saying that Cruz and Rubio are trying to “stop Trump” — as if they actually are not truly trying to win — because they really want to win. Beat Trump, yes, but they want to beat everyone…Trump certainly, because Trump has been beating them. But more importantly, Rubio and Cruz want to beat each other.

Meanwhile, both Trump and Sanders are Unicorn candidates, whose campaigns will be increasingly investigated by the press, who so far have just enjoyed the circus. At some point the press will discover the need for seriousness, because the future of the nation is at stake

A Fight Apple Can’t Win

Apple v FBI

Can’t we all just get along?

Why can’t Apple just open the phone, and give it to the FBI? No one wants Backdoor software out in the public, but Apple can open the phone with their own software and give the open phone back. 

It will be an interesting lawsuit if the Federal Judge throws the CEO in jail for contempt, because eventually Cook (Apple’s CEO) could be deposed about if it was even possible to by-pass the 10 tries and then scrambled contents, or if was ever possible.

Apple risks the government banning the use of Apple products in government offices for government work — a financial blow that would give Apple’s competitors an opening in the market that Apple would not like — not to mention the Apple users having to pick sides.

Are we to have apartments that the FBI can’t enter, safes they cat break…?

Apple’s competitors are highly competitive in technology and price, so giving up Apple products will not come at a price for most users.

This is not a fight that Apple can win, and the only question is how much they are willing to lose

George Will For Supreme Court Justice!

I admit that I do not understand the positions of the various Supreme Court Justices. 

English is my native tongue. I read and understand the language, and the Constitution is written in plain English language. How there can be such contentious disagreements of the Constitution is a foreign concept to me. 

How many opinions can there be of the word “no” as in the First Amendment? How many opinions of the words “shall not be abridged” can there be in the Second Amendment? 

And, perhaps most importantly, the 10th Amendment says quite specifically that if the Constitution does not give the Federal Government the power to do it (as it does the military), the subject is the right of the states to decide! Now here it must be noted that Conservatives are as guilty of ignoring the 10th Amendment as are the liberals. The Court, being the federal seat of judicial power, is as reluctant to surrender that to the states as is Congress and the presidency.

Even when I went to school a million years ago, the “Living Constitution” concept was being taught, but that concept is absolutely bogus — it is a concept that says that “no” can be interpreted to mean “yes” if the Justices believe the culture says it should be done. Disregard the ability to Amend the Constitution, as provided for in the Constitution itself…that just takes so long, it’s too complicated and so five Justices can just change the Constitution to suit themselves.

I find it strange that the term “red” can be interpreted to mean “blue” if the society decides so (as deemed by the Justices), that “murder” can be construed to mean “robbery.” 

I have written and published thousands of newspaper columns, and I contend that, since the Constitution does not require that a Justice of the Supreme Court be an attorney, we nominate a “wordsmith” like George Will! 

Because the Constitution was not written in legalese but rather in plain English, Justices need not be attorneys.

I contend that attorneys are not even desirable, because they overthink the Constitution instead of simply applying the words as written. Lawyers are incapable of just applying the written word, they are accustomed to trying to find loopholes 

I believe George Will should be the next Justice of the Supreme Court. He understands the English language as it was written…and at least the terms in the Constitution remain the same today as the day they were written.

Fortunately, the thinking of the Founders was well documented in articles and letters should there be any question, but I trust Pulitzer Prize Winning George Will, author of six books, numerous columns, and former professor of political philosophy. He studied at Trinity College, Princeton and Oxford.

“The Constitution is not a living organism, it is a legal document. It says something and doesn’t say other things.”

                                   Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia