Trump Supporters Are Surprisingly Quiet on FB

Cruz won Iowa in spite of opposing Ethanol, and in spite of having the Iowa state Governor specifically target him, buoyed by the Evangelical vote, but that vote does not exist in New Hampshire. Bernie almost dethroned the Queen in Iowa, and has a huge lead in New Hampshire because it is a neighboring state to his home state of Vermont.
All of which says that both early voting states have very specific reasons that some politicians may have advantages that will not necessarily show up in the overall Primary season.

One thing for certain, the glow is off The Donald. He is in for a race, and his air of invincibility has gone poof. Someone on FOX News said that the winner in it all was Megyn Kelly, and to some extent that is right. 

One thing is clear, Trump supporters are surprisingly quiet on Facebook today, and that is a huge plus!

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