Good thing we have sun!

And how was your day, San Diego?
“Oh, just the usual, you know, corruption, sex abuse, waste of perfectly good drinking water in a drought…the basic incompetence!” 

Where do I start? It’s hard to prioritize, but let’s start with ancient history (less than two years ago) — yesterday, former Mayor Bob Filner had to settle one of his multiple sexual advancement lawsuits (The City had to pay, Filner skated); the former head of the San Diego Unified School District had to resign to settle a lawsuit for taking campaign contributions over the legal limit (there was much more, but…); and the Water District had to dump 554 million gallons of perfectly drinkable water into a lake, from which it must be recovered and treated AGAIN — and this in a severe drought!

And that was just Tuesday! The on-going saga of the Spanos Chargers, spurned by the NFL, and left with negotiating for a new stadium with historically tight voters or playing second fiddle in Los Angeles to a team much better liked, owned by a much richer owner who hates Spanos.

Yes, we have sun, but much of our fun is watching a city in chaos. The only reason you don’t hear about it is that other cities are so much worse.

Thank God for Chicago!

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