Morning Musings

As an “Infomaniac” I watch all three major networks, nightly, then Ch.10 local news, followed by PBS and then over to FOX for the rest of the night. 

That is a preamble to say, with certainty, that PBS is the only one reporting more than just an occasional headline about the Refugee problem in Europe. PBS, to its credit, does extensive segments about the problem. 

Kudos where deserved.


My comment about the dumping of half a billion dollars in perfectly clean and treated water into Lower Lake Dixon, should be explained, and the Voice of San Diego did a good job of reporting on it, but…

Months ago I noted in a Blog entry that while California has a drought, San Diego has never had a drought because over the years San Diego has spent billions of dollars to avoid a drought through the construction of reservoirs. 

Unfortunately, state mandates that the entire state observe water restrictions — regardless of how much water a county might have or need! San Diego had plenty of water, but the residents had to save, and the water allocations continued to arrive — unwanted and unneeded.

The results are that San Diego County is absolutely awash in drinking, bathing and lawn-watering liquid! We are dumping perfectly good water into the few remaining unfilled reservoirs.

And that is the problem with government — every entity, people, counties, cities must be treated “equally” even if they are not equal. I suspect that the powers that be in San Diego actually agreed to the water restrictions we never needed, to demonstrate our “solidarity” with our parched neighbors!

Bah! Government simply is not as responsive as private enterprise. Free enterprise allocates scarce resources based on economics. Your neighbor uses less or more electricity based on need, and ability to pay — if the state ran electricity by the same regulations that it uses for water, every home would get the same allocation of electricity!

Sacramento is a soup sandwich!

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