Dead ManWalking

The time has come to put the European Union (EU)
out of its misery…it has been the Dead Man Walking for a decade.
It continues to survive because its diplomats in Brussels live large — much as I suspect our petulant President lives for Air Force One to take his family on vacation. 

It is a hard gig to surrender, so Brussel’s continues its charade while no one cares. Nations ignore the very basis of the “Union” — a single borderless state — because Syrian immigration has shredded the concept. Germany, the anchor state of the EU crumbles under the weight of enforced diversity, while other nations understand that the borderless state means the German immigrants can suddenly become their immigrants.

We see the story in Calais, France, as thousands of immigrants seek to invade Britain, and only the English Channel defeats them. Britain now recognizes their reluctance to fully participate in the EU folly is their salvation, while their welfare state has placed them in peril of being overrun for their benefits.

The EU has placed themselves in such peril that should the emasculated Russian Bear decide to expand its borders into a new Soviet Union, it is once again powerless to defend itself. Penetrated as it is by more than a million immigrants, whose reliability is more than suspect, finances in a shamble, and a feckless and impotent military, Putin might just chance a move before a more robust coulter could come from a new US president.

Would we counter a move by Russia. Should we? Are they worth our blood and treasure?


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