Please! A Palatable Candidate?

Washington must get the word — the natives are angry. They are plucking feathers, buying pitchforks and heating tar.
Establishment Clinton just got trounced. Washington favorites just had their heads handed to them by Trump!

I don’t think Washington gets the word — yet! I don’t know that they will, because they talk only to each other — they move from politics to lobbyist to journalist…from Washington to NYC to LA. They go to the same dinner parties, appear on the same TV shows. They hire the same consultants, the same PR firms. 

Hillary brought in Madilyn Albright, Bill Clinton and Gloria Steinem for Christ sake! Because no one in college ever heard of them because no one teaches history any longer, they were worse than useless! 

Where is old Serpent Head? (James Carville) He is surely waiting somewhere in the wings.

On the Republican side, the establishment ignored the past two election cycles, and people like Boehner told the winning House conservatives, “Now you young guys just learn to go along to get along.” 

The Young Turks chafed, but they didn’t have the votes — they still don’t but they overturned Boehner and the electorate is telling Mitchell and Ryan that although their ranks are too thin to overthrow the “order” — things are changing.

Changing beyond their control. Fast!

Christie is rumored to be suspending his campaign, and if Trump is to be stopped some more are going to have to flee, their egos to the contrary notwithstanding. Trump can’t win the General Election — his negatives are every bit as high as Hillary’s — but the crowded field makes Trump look invincible.

Voting for the lesser of two evils between Hillary and Trump would just be more than I could stand, so I would vote Libertarian. Some one must make my vote palatable.

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