A Fight Apple Can’t Win

Apple v FBI

Can’t we all just get along?

Why can’t Apple just open the phone, and give it to the FBI? No one wants Backdoor software out in the public, but Apple can open the phone with their own software and give the open phone back. 

It will be an interesting lawsuit if the Federal Judge throws the CEO in jail for contempt, because eventually Cook (Apple’s CEO) could be deposed about if it was even possible to by-pass the 10 tries and then scrambled contents, or if was ever possible.

Apple risks the government banning the use of Apple products in government offices for government work — a financial blow that would give Apple’s competitors an opening in the market that Apple would not like — not to mention the Apple users having to pick sides.

Are we to have apartments that the FBI can’t enter, safes they cat break…?

Apple’s competitors are highly competitive in technology and price, so giving up Apple products will not come at a price for most users.

This is not a fight that Apple can win, and the only question is how much they are willing to lose

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