Still No Political Answers

Big night for Hillary, Trump, and a decent night for Rubio. Cruz could afford the narrow loss to Rubio.

Hillary stopped the Sanders train, and he will be unable do get it started for weeks in the South. It makes no difference anyway because Hillary has it wrapped up with Super Delegates.

Rubio got a great second, but in a state where the popular Governor and the Black Senator endorsed him, why wouldn’t he? 

I really resent the media saying that Cruz and Rubio are trying to “stop Trump” — as if they actually are not truly trying to win — because they really want to win. Beat Trump, yes, but they want to beat everyone…Trump certainly, because Trump has been beating them. But more importantly, Rubio and Cruz want to beat each other.

Meanwhile, both Trump and Sanders are Unicorn candidates, whose campaigns will be increasingly investigated by the press, who so far have just enjoyed the circus. At some point the press will discover the need for seriousness, because the future of the nation is at stake

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